• High-index imaging chain, DC & AC working model, cost-effective.
  • Advanced folded design helps to achieve all-round rotation, compact structure and easy maintenance.
  • Large angel arm design and high SID, meet different imaging position request.

Technical Specification

Main Component Technical Specification Physical Specification
Flat panel detector X-ray sensitive are 14x17inch Weight 220kg
  Standard power 32kW Height 149cm
  kV range 40-125kV Width 65cm
  mA Range 10-400mA Tube tilting angle ±90℃
  mAs Range 0.1-125mas Tube vertical rotation angle -30℃-±90℃
X-ray tube Anode heat content 200kHU Arm’s Folding Range ±60℃
Lithium Battery Capacity 46.8V, 10.8Ah SID 507-2000mm