99.6% high purity Air Separation Plant

99.6% high purity oxygen plant has been widely used in various fields, including steel, petrochemical, medicine, electronics, textile, thermoelectricity, automobile, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and many other fields.

The company will be dedicated to the general customer service, to save operating costs for users in our goal, customer satisfaction is our purpose.

1. Specification of 99.6% high purity oxygen plant

O2 Capacity50Nm3/h80Nm3/h100Nm3/h180Nm3/h260Nm3/h350Nm3/h550Nm3/h
O2 purity99.6%
N2 Capacity50Nm3/h160Nm3/h200Nm3/h300Nm3/h500Nm3/h700Nm3/h1000Nm3/h
N2 Purity10ppmO2
Power1.3Kwh/Nm3 O20.85Kwh/Nm3 O20.68Kwh/Nm3 O20.65Kwh/Nm3 O20.65Kwh/Nm3 O20.65Kwh/Nm3 O20.65Kwh/Nm3 O2
Area required145m2150m2150m2160m2180m2250m2420m2

Low pressure process is introduced for 99.6% high purity oxygen plant to reduce power consumption and improve security of operation. Corresponding professional software is used for process distillation calculation and structure calculation in the design of unit equipment, to ensure high performance and high reliability.

In order to meet market requirements, besides produce common external compression 99.6% high purity oxygen plant, we also have developed series internal compression process to reduce installation workload and maintenance of the complete equipment.

We have developed skid-mounted purification system, to reduce time of no-site piping installation.

2. Quality assurance of 99.6% high purity oxygen plant 1) Strict contract auditing involved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order. 2) Process design and validation before bulk production. 3) Strictly control on all raw and auxiliary materials, all raw materials reach the world advanced level. 4) On-site inspection to all processes, inspection record keeps traceable for 3 years. 5) All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.

6) Qualified and professional welders guarantee welding quality. 7) 100% inspection of finished systems before shipment. 8) Regular training for inspection staff.