Sterilization Crepe Paper
Disposable Face Mask


  • Spec: 12mmx50m, 19mmx50m, 25mmx50m or as customer request.
  • There are some irregular incontinuity incline from stripes printed on the pressure steam indicate disinfecting tape. This internal chemical indicator monitors exposure to all 121degree 20 min and 132 degree to 134 degree 6 min gravity and vacuum-assisted steam sterilization cycles. The chemical indicator strip for steam, the color change from yellow to dark brown or black. Due to the special design, it is not easy to drop down and leave adhesive residue even under the condition of high pressure steam. It makes the package clean, and also do some related marks on the tape with the pen. Using it to seal the package, which make that not too tight and too pine. It is good for the steam to permeate into the package. It is easy to mange.
  • Application:
  • Use in the gravity and vacuum-assisted steam sterilization cycles. Indicate the process of the sterilization and judge the effect of the sterilization.