BMC500 500 series of high-level biological microscope experiments, the use of new and unique phenix completely customize”ICCF infinite corrected color free optical system”designed to achieve the performance, quality, appearance and enhance the comprehensive breakthrough, with internationally renowned brand compared to the same products, the overall performance full beyond, is highly cost-effective product.

Part Name Specification BMC532-ICCF BMC533-ICCF BMC512-IPL BMC513-IPL
Viewing head Infinity gemel-style binocular tube,30° inclined,360° rotatable,interpupillary distance 48-75mm    
Infinity gemel-style trinocular tube,30° inclined,360° rotatable,interpupillary distance 48-75mm  
Eyepiece High eyepoint wide field,diopter adjustable,WF10X20mm
High eyepoint wide field,diopter adjustable,WF16X16mm
Nosepiece Inner inclined quadruple nosepiece,ball bearing inner locating    
Infinity Plan High-contrast Achromatic Objective HC Plan 4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring,Oil)    
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective IPL Plan 4X,10X,40X(Spring),100X(Spring,Oil)    
Focusing System Coarse & fine coaxial focusing knob,coarse focusing range 20mm,fine focusing graduation 0.001mm
Stage Double layer mechanical stage,size 188*145mm,moving range 76*54mm,can hold 2 slides
Condenser Abbe condenser N.A.=1.25,with iris diaphragm,moving up and down,center adjustment,with filter holder.
Illumination Kohler illumination,view aperture is adjustable
Bottom light LED,3W/1A,Stepless adjustment light,no screen flashing
Power Switch power,wide voltage,Input AC 90-246V.Putout:DC 6.5V/5A