YBMR-2100C Microplate Reader


Provided for precise and constant temperature and auxiliary heating in colleges industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research


  • Microprocessor temperature controller
  • Audible and visible alarm for temperature and water level
  • R134a refrigerant, imported compressor
  • With interface to external water bath
  • RS485 connector is option which can connect computer to record the parameters and the variations of temperature.(option)


Model Temp. Range Precision Interior Dimension Chamber Volume Electrical Requirement Pump (flux) Power Consumption
MP-5H RT+5~100℃ ±0.1 150×160×150 6.7L 220V 50Hz 8L/min 1050W
MP-13H 240×170×150 10.9L
MP-19H 330×300×150 22.5L
MPG-13A RT+5~40℃ ±0.1 180×300×150 14.5L
MPG-100H RT+5~100℃ ±0.2 240×170×200 14.5L
MP-501A RT+5~100℃
MP-10C -10~100℃ ±0.2 150×160×150 4.5L 2300W
MP-20C -20~100℃
MP-30C -30~100℃ 2800W
MP-40C -40~100℃ 3150W
MP-50C -50~100℃ 3100W
MPG-10C -10~100℃ ±0.2 240×170×200 13L 2300W
MPG-20C -20~100℃ 2300W
MPG-40C -40~100℃ 3100W
MPG-50C -50~100℃ 3100W
MP-5 (controller) -100~200℃ ±0.1 130×150×330 ≤50L 1050W