FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


EDTA tube is widely used in clinical haematology, cross matching, blood grouping as well as various kinds of blood cell test instruments. It offers a comprehensive protection for blood cell, especially for protecting the blood platelet, so that it can effectively stop the gathering of blood platelet and makes the form and volume of blood cell uninfluenced within a long time.

Excellent outfits with super-minute technique can spray additive uniformly on the inner surface of the tube, thus blood specimen can completely mix with the additive. EDTA anticoagulant plasma is used for biological assay of pathogenic microorganism, parasite and bacterial molecule, etc.

Item No. Tube
Glass Qty/Cs PET Qty/Cs
YB010K2 Ø13×75mm 1ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB020K2 Ø13×75mm 2ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB030K2 Ø13×75mm 3ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB040K2 Ø13×75mm 4ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB050K2 Ø13×75mm 5ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB051K2 Ø13×100mm 5ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×18
YB060K2 Ø13×100mm 6ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×18
YB070K2 Ø13×100mm 7ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×18
YB100K2 Ø16×100mm 10ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×12
YB010K3 Ø13×75mm 1ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB020K3 Ø13×75mm 2ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB030K3 Ø13×75mm 3ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB040K3 Ø13×75mm 4ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB050K3 Ø13×75mm 5ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB051K3 Ø13×100mm 5ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×18
YB060K3 Ø13×100mm 6ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×18
YB070K3 Ø13×100mm 7ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×18
TB100K3 Ø16×100mm 10ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×12
YB020N2 Ø13×75mm 2ml 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB050N2 Ø13×100mm 5ml 100PCS×12 100PCS×18