FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System

Technical Specification

Part Remark
Flat Panel Detector Detector Technology a-Si Flat Panel Detector
Images Size 17 × 17 inch (430mm × 430 mm)
Static Pixel Matrix 3072*3072
Output Grayscale 16 bit
Acquisition Time ≤7s
Spatial Resolution Min. 3.5line pair/mm
DICOM 3.0 Compatible(Dicom 3.0)
X-ray Tube Tube Focus 0.6mm/1.2mm
Maximum Output Voltage 150 kV
Heat Capacity 300kHu (XG-2)

350kHu (XG-3)

Speed of Rotating Anode 2800r/min(50Hz)


9500r/min(180Hz) (XG-3)

Output Power 20kW / 50kW


33kW / 78kW


Frequency Generator Inverting Frequency 30 kHz
Standard Output Power 50 kW
Output Voltage 40kV-150kV
Output Current for Radiography 100mA-650mA
Range of mAs 0.4mAs-650mAs
Floor Mounted Bed Height ≤640mm
Bed Surface Longitudinal Movement Distance ±500mm (manual)
Bed Surface Lateral Movement Distance ±125mm(manual)
Column Rotation Range ±180°
Vertical Movement Range of The Column

Along The Bed

X-ray Tube Up and Down Range Along The


Collimator Max Work Dose 150kVp
Power 150W (24VAC)
Auto-close Time 30s
Brightness ≥160lux (100cm)
Workstation CPU Dual-Core ≥3.0 2G
Communication Network Card ≥1000M
Hard Disk ≥500G
Display 1920 x 1200 Display
CD/DVD recording/burning(CD/DVD)
Software Imaging Part Indicator, Tissue Equalization, Filter Correction, Grayscale
Transform, Window/Level Adjustment, Gamma Correction, ROI Equalization
Black/White Reversion, Image Segmentation, Mark, Enhancement, Smoothing
Sharpening, Compression, Magnification, Graphic Text Report, Printing
Film Printing, Supports Standard DICOM 3.0 Laser Film Printer
DICOM 3.0 Format, Compatible to Transfer to PACS
Standard Configuration
Detector Flat Panel Detector(wireless) 1
DX Ray Diagnostic Workstation 1
X-Ray System High Frequency Generator (380V) 1
X-Ray Tube 1
High Voltage Cables 2
Collimator 1
Motion Control


Bucky Stand 1
Floor-mounted System (full-manual) 1
Accessories Microphone/Speaker 1
Grid 1
Paper report printer 1