20/32KW Floor-mounted X-ray System for Veterinary


High-power frequency generator, imported tube, amorphous silicon flat panel detector, and high performance image chain, ensures excellent images with ow dose.

Technical Specification

Main Component Specification
Model VX200 VX400
Flat Panel Detector X-ray sensitive area 14x17inch 17x17inch
Generator Standard power 20kw 32kw
kV Range 40-150kV 40-150kV
mA Range 10-200mA 10-400mA
mAs Range 0.1-80mAs 0.1-100mAs
X-ray tube Anode heat content 140kHU 200kHU
Physical Specification Table surface 121x61cm 121x61cm
Table movement Range Horizontal: 20cm

Longitudinal: 10cm

Horizontal: 20cm

Longitudinal: 10cm

Physical dimension 120×87.5x200cm 120×87.5x200cm
Digital image workstation
Processor Intel Core 2 and above
Memory capacity 4GB
Hard drive capacity 500GB
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Display size 24’ inch color touch screen
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 or above
Option Head touch screen workstation