FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


Glucose tube is used in blood collection for the test such as blood sugar, sugar tolerance, erythrocyte electrophoresis,anti-alkali hemoglobin and lactate. The added Sodium Fluoride effectively prevents metabolism of blood sugar and Sodium Heparin successfully solves the hemolysis. Thus, the original status of blood will last for long time and guarantee stable testing data of blood sugar within 72 hours. Optional additive is Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin,Sodium Fluoride+ EDTA.K2, Sodium Fluoride+EDTA.Na2.

– Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000 r/m
– Centrifugation time: 5min
– Recommended storage temperature: 4-25 ℃

Item No. Tube
Additive Glass Qty/Cs PET Qty/Cs
YB020FH Ø13×75mm 2ml Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB030FH Ø13×75mm 3ml Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB040FH Ø13×75mm 4ml Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB050FH Ø13×75mm 5ml Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin 100PCS×18 100PCS×18
YB051FH Ø13×100mm 5ml Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin 100PCS×12 100PCS×18
YB060FH Ø13×100mm 6ml Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin 100PCS×12 100PCS×18