YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System


Heparin tube is used in blood clooection for the test of clinical plasma, emergency biochemistry and blood rheology, etc. With little interference on blood compositions and no influence upon the erythrocyte size, it won’t cause hemolysis. Besides, it has the features of quick plasma separation and wide range of operating temperature as well as high compatibility with serum index. The anticoagulant heparin activates fibrinolysin, while restraining the thromboplastin, and then achieves the dynamic balance between fibrinogen and fibrin, free of fibrin thread in the inspection process. Most of the plasma indexes can be repeated within 6 hours. Lithium heparin not only has the features of sodium heparin, but also can be used in themicroelements test with no effect on sodium ion. To meet various need of clinical laboratory, KANGJIAN can add plasma separation gel for making high-quality plasma.

– Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000 r/m

– Centrifugation time: 3min

– Recommended storage temp: 4-25℃

Item No.

Specification Volume Additive Qty/PK(Glass) Qty/PK(PET)
YB030HS 13×75mm 3ml Heparin Sodium 1800 1800
YB040HS 13×75mm 4ml Heparin Sodium 1800 1800
YB051HS 13×100mm 5ml Heparin Sodium 1800 1800
YB071HS 13×100mm 7ml Heparin Sodium 1200 1800
YB100HS 16×100mm 10ml Heparin Sodium 900 900
YB030HL 13×75mm 3ml Heparin Lithium 1800 1800
YB040HL 13×75mm 4ml Heparin Lithium 1800 1800
YB050HL 13×100mm 5ml Heparin Lithium 1800 1800
YB070HL 13×100mm 7ml Heparin Lithium 1800 1800
YB101HL 16×100mm 10ml Heparin Lithium 900 900