Ybo High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System widely uses in operating room, X-ray department, emergency room, intervention and peripheral angiography.

General surgery, urology, chest surgery, trauma, spine surgery, abdominal surgery, orthopedics, bone reduction and fixation, endoscopy and surgery. Intervertebral disc angiography and angioplasty.


1 With HF & HV generator, inverter, and High quality image intensifier, the x ray generator can work stably. It also reduces the damage for the doctors caused by radiation.

2) 10.4″LCD friendly interface control board: easy operation and can be rotated to 180°(L90°, R90°) Compared with ordinary key board, our LCD display is not easy to be oxidized Besides, the trouble will be displayed in Chinese, which will improve the efficiency of fault diagnosis.

3) Pulse and boost fluoroscope provides all kinds of size of patients with clear diagnosis.

4) With a steering handle, it can adjust the direction quickly when moving. And parallel movement function is also available.

5) Equipped with unique block line wheels, it can avoid accident when the machine moves.

6) Large free space in arc: the space can reach 800mm, which is convenient for operation.

7) Original Korean linear slide rail can make the the movement of the machine flexibly.

8) Applied with Omron Relay, the noise can be reduced and the life time of the equipment can be increased.

Technical Specification

Model DG3310C1
HF Generator 120KV, 5KW, 40kHz
Fluoroscopy Model Fluoroscopy mode 40~120kv, 0.5~5mA (KV manual and automatic);

Pulse fluoroscopy 40~120kv, 0.5-5mA;

Boost fluoroscopy 40~120kv, 5~10mA;

Photography 40~120kv, 1~250mAs

X-ray Tube Dual-focus rotating anode:0.3mm/0.6mm

Italy IMD Technology

Flat Panel Detector France Thales Brand

Plate: single A-Si TFT + photodiode

plate Scintillator: Csl

Total transmitted image width: 1344

Total transmitted image height: 1344

Pixel pitch: 154

Quantization depth: 16

Power supply input: 24±10%

Communication / image transfer: Ethernet cable

The main feature of the Pixium 2121S detector are: Cold start feature

Offset stability validity up to 10 minutes

Fluoroscopy and RAD images capability

Passive cooling device

High speed image transfer using Ethernet link

Image System 5 Degree Recursive Noise Reduction

Frame freezing

Thousands of image data storage

Image conversing and rotating

Screen display with image comparison

Support “one click” print, print the image report

Equip with DICOM 3.0 network port

Support DICOM 3.0 standard data export function

Mechanical Motion Specification Vertical travel: 0-400mm (electric)

Horizontal travel: 0~200m

Rotation about horizontal axis: ±180°(electric)

Slipping along the circular arc rail (electric)

C-arm Dimension Distance of focal spot to image generator (SID): 1000mm

Depth in arm≥650mm

Mobile stand :1800mm*800mm*1850mm

Image system: 750mm*530mm*1680mm

Standard Configuration Flat Panel Detector: 1 set

x-ray generator: 1 set

image processor: 1 set

24” LCD high definition display: 1 set

Mobile stand: 1 set

Printer: 1 set