Neonatal/Infant CPAP Machine NLF200A Plus

NLF200A Plus Neonatal/Infant CPAP System Ventilator Machine Medical Ventilator for Hospital

  • 10.4 Inch TFT touch LCD screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information and oscillogram.
  • Better work of breathing: Integration breathing circuit design, maximize lung protection and breathing support.
  • Increase clinician's confidence in Neo-CPAP: Multiple parameters monitoring interface, makes every parameterclear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects.
  • Real time pressure-time oscillogram and high precision O2 concentration detection function included, reduceslength of stay in hospital.
  • Built-in air and oxygen blender, ensures stable oxygen concentration.
  • Stable and low noise air compressor creates quiet work environment for doctors, can be used for 2-3 Neo-CPAPSystems together.
  • Application

    Ybo CPAP System makes a good performance in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and other departments. YBO CPAP System offer you the choices you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique. what's more, our expertise in ventilation is based on rich 23-year history of developing CPAP solutions that meet your needs. Good performance based on High Security, High Accuracy, High Stability and accurate monitoring.

    Modes Ventilator parameter ranges  CPAP NIPPV HFNC MANUAL BIPAP
    Oxygen concentration Adjusting range:21%-100% Monitoring range:15%-100%
    CPAP Adjusting range:0cmH2O-15cmH2O Monitoring range:0cmH2O-60cmH2O
    Continuous flow Adjusting range:2L/min-20L/min Monitoring range:2L/min-20L/min
    Pressure monitoring Inhalation pressure Exhalation pressure Breath Frequency Adjusting range Monitoring range Inhalation time Adjusting range Monitoring range Manual Ventilation Output flow Air compressor Continuous output flow Peak output flow Graphical display: P-T(pressure – time) Flow of oxygen, air and mixed gas Airway pressure graphic Alarm and protection The AC power failure alarm Power failure or no connection Internal battery backup low voltage alarm <11.3±0.3V 0cmH2O-60cmH2O 3cmH2O-15cmH2O 1cmH2O-13cmH2O   1bpm-100bpm 0-100bpm   0.1s-15s 0s-15s 20L/min±5L/min   ≥25L/min ≥120L/min
      Size:Wooden case packing size:L 670*W 700*H 1410mm , GW:90KG ; NW:57.2KG   Alarm and protection  
    High oxygen concentration alarm Low oxygen concentration alarm 19%-100% 15%-99%
      Air and oxygen blender alarm   Compression pump alarm   1.5kPa-6kPa <200kPa When any gas source lack When differential pressure> 0.1mPa Excess temperature
    Working conditions  
    Gas source O2,AIR
    Pressure 280kPa-600kPa
    Voltage 100-240V
    Power frequency 50Hz±1Hz
    Input power Main engine:≤25W Air compressor:≤675W