YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System


1.Made of medical grade PP material.
2.Siliconization treatment on the inner surface, no blood adhesion after collection.
3.High quality gel makes the serum separation complete with no fibrin adhering to the inner surface of the tube.
4.There uniformly sprays the quantitative coagulant/anticoagulant,which will mix smoothly and completely with the blood, thus ensures fast coagulation or effective anticoagualtion.
5.Good compatibility makes the tube match with various kinds of biochemical, immunity and haematology analyzers.
6.Labes which can indicate the precise blood collection volume can be customized according to clients requirement.

Item No. Tube
Additive Qty/Cs
YB203 Ø13×75mm 1-5ml EDTA.K2/EDTA.K3 100PCS×20
Ø13×100mm 5-7ml 100PCS×20
YB204 Ø13×75mm 1-5ml Sodium Heparin/Lithium Heparin 100PCS×20
Ø13×100mm 5-7ml 100PCS×20
YB204-1 Ø13×75mm 1-4ml Gel&Clot Activator 100PCS×20
Ø13×100mm 5-6ml 100PCS×20
YB204-2 Ø13×75mm 1-5ml Sodium Fluoride+Heparin Sodium

Sodium Fluoride+EDTA.K2

Ø13×100mm 5-7ml 100PCS×20
YB204-4 Ø13×75mm 1-5ml No Additive 100PCS×20
Ø13×100mm 5-7ml 100PCS×20