YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System

Clinical Application Fields

Hepatobiliary Stones Treatment, “T”pattern gall duct calculus treatment, Choledoch stones lithotripsy under ERCP

Main Principe of Internal Shock Wave Lithotripter

Under direct visual control of endoscope, our lithotripterelectrical pulse with energy lower than 1 J explosion inelectrolyte, the shock wave it formed shatters calculi, ensures enough energy for lithotripsy meanwhile avoids causing damage to tissues, These measures obviously solved the puzzle of how to safely cure fall and liver system stones efficiently under endoscope.

Advantage of the equipment

  1. Accurate and steady energy output
  2. Lithotritize and extract stones synchronously
  3. Under endoscope, minimal invasive, safe
  4. Easy to lean and operate
  5. Shatter stones in any part, highly efficient
  6. Electrode life dynamic monitored
  7. Flexible electrode, deep stones can be reached
  8. Thorough fragmentation of stones

Technical Specification

Output energy 0.6J-1.0J adjustable
Access channel Choledochoscope, Oledochoscope, Duodenoscope
Electrode Dia1.4mmXL0.7m, dia1.0mmXL0.7m, dia1.4mmXL2.2m, dia1.0mmXL2.2m (ERCP)
Energy output wire Dia2.5mmXL1.4m
Pedal switch Wire Length>3m
Interface LCD Touch Screen / Nixietube
Temperature requirement 10°C-40°C
Input power 80VA
Power supply 220-230V / 50-60HZ single phase