Specifications :

Material Stainless Steel/NiTi
Package 6 pcs of one size
Length L21mm / L25mm / L28mm / L31mm
ISO Color 015 White
020 Yellow
025 Red
030 Blue
035 Green
040 Black
Cross-section Pointed Tip
Function For lateral condensation of gutta-percha cones. With pointed tip

Description :

  • Spreaders have a conical tip and are tapered to match accessory-sized gutta percha points .
  • Used for lateral condensation techniques .

Warning :

  • Only skilled dentists are allowed to use.
  • Be sure to sterilize this product for each use.
  • Do not use this product except for the dental service and treatment . Use it in accordance with the intended use.

Precautions for use :

  • To prevent infection , sterilize the product by autoclave and make sure sterilization is completed before using.
  • Choose the most appropriate type for each case and follow the general method .
  • Before using , make sure the instruments outside of dental cavity that there are no deformations , scratches and cracks .
  • If the head of product is thin , long or large , there are possibilities for breaking or twisting. Because of this , be sure to avoid using unreasonable angle and excessive pressure .
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from damage . Also , wear a dust protective mask to prevent inhaling dust .
  • Wear rubber dam etc . to avoid accidental ingestion and falling .
  • Do not use this instrument for any purposes except for listed applications above .
  • Only for use by dentists .
  • After using , follow an appropriate treatment as medical waste .
  • Dispose the product if damaged or contaminated .
  • After using , wash it with medical cleaning agent and brush , then wash away foreign substances like adherent body fluids and body tissues .
  • Set the product to a stand when cleaned by ultrasonic cleaner to avoid working part deterioration .
  • Use this product with great care to avoid puncturing fingers because of its possession of sharp-edged part .

Storages and duration of use : 

  • Avoid storing at high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. Keep liquids away. Store it at room temperature .
  • Do not damage or make a pinhole to packaging materials .
  • Do not keep under germicidal lamp to avoid deterioration .

Applications :

Dental Root Canal Treatment Hospital , Clinic , lab …

Competitive Advantage :

  • It has smooth conical shape .
  • Imported Nickel Titanium to improcve the flexibility of spreaders .
  • Good to match accessory-sized gutta percha points . Used for lateral condensation techniques .