Sterilization Self Sealing Pouch
Autoclave Indicator Tape


    • Excellent Laboratory studies show this product provides an Quality excellent barrier to airborne bacteria and excels in repellency to water.Made of natural fiber-based materials (such as Friendly wood pulp), each sheet of CSR wrap is biodegradable and does not emit odors, toxic waste or other residues in an incinerator.Excellent product for use with tabletop sterilizers that have small chambers and erratic temperature spikes. Non-woven materials do not melt in such environments.White, Blue, Green color available.
Item Specification Packing
YB-CP45 18″x18″(45x45cm) 500pcs/ctn
YB-CP50 20″x20″(50x50cm) 500pcs/ctn
YB-CP60 24″x24″(60x60cm) 500pcs/ctn
YB-CP75 30″x30″(75x75cm) 250pcs/ctn
YB-CP90 35″x35″(90x90cm) 250pcs/ctn
YB-CP100 40″x40″(100x100cm) 250pcs/ctn
YB-CP120 48″x48″(120x120cm) 100pcs/ctn