DBW2000 Portable Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System
Sterilization Self Sealing Pouch


White steriliable paper with see-through, heat resistant, blue poly-film materials and chemical indicators that change color when processes. An economical, convenient way to package instruments, swabs and other items for sterilization. sterilization rolls have easy to read color process indicators to signal exposure to sterilization conditions. Blue tinted plastic in the detection of puncture holes caused by pointed/sharp instruments. use only the width and length required. For use in steam, chemical vapor and ETO sterilizers. Sizes can be flexibly agreed on to meet the requirements of the packed item. Custom-made tools can be ordered at a reasonable one-off cost. In addition, we can offer a considerable selection of ready-made tools for faster service and economy.

Item Specification Packing
YB-RP050 5cm x 200m 12rolls/ctn
YB-RP075 7.5cm x 200m 8rolls/ctn
YB-RP100 10cm x 200m 6rolls/ctn
YB-RP150 15cm x 200m 4rolls/ctn
YB-RP200 20cm x 200m 2rolls/ctn
YB-RP250 25cm x 200m 2rolls/ctn
YB-RP300 30cm x 200m 2rolls/ctn