OUD5100 Ophthalmology A/B Ultrasonic Diagnostic System
Sterilization Crepe Paper


    • The self sealing sterilization pouches constructed of medical-grade surgical Kraft paper (basis weight range 60g) and a transparent 2-mil polypropylene/polyester laminate film. A tinted film is preferred because the tint allows any compromises in the film’s integrity to be more readily visible. The self sealing sterilization pouches design of multiple side and end seals with a self-sealing adhesive strip that must adhere to both paper and film during closure; i.e., 50% paper, 50% film with a perforated fold. The combination of an adequate width self-sealing strip and a broken line for a clean, uniform fold and seal, thereby creating an effective seal. This is critical to maintaining sterility of the contents until ready for use. For use in Steam and EO gas sterilization processes. Sizes can be flexibly agreed on to meet the requirements of the packed item. Custom-made tools can be ordered at a reasonable one-off cost. In addition, we can offer a considerable selection of ready-made tools for faster service and economy.
Item Specification Packing
YB-SP083 3.25″x6.25″(83x160mm) 200pcs/box
YB-SP070 2.75″x10″(70x260mm) 200pcs/box
YB-SP090 3.5″x10″(90x260mm) 200pcs/box
YB-SP135 5.25″x10″(135x260mm) 200pcs/box
YB-SP155 6″x10″(155x260mm) 200pcs/box
YB-SP190 7.5″x14″(190x360mm) 200pcs/box