Ybo specializes in the research and development of Ultra Slim L.E.D. based X-ray film viewers (X-ray illuminator / X-ray viewbox).


High-efficient and durable LED Light Source Technology

  • Application of the imported illumination chip, gold wire welding process, pure copper bracket, self- encapsulation LED light source technology.
  • Environmentally-friendly, low carbon and energy-saving, its lifespan can last as long as 50000h, equivalent to 6 years’ continuous illumination

Excellent Light Source Distribution

  • Intensive light source distribution with luminance as much as 4500cd/㎡.
  • Supplying light from both top and bottom, the uniformity of viewing-screen luminance can be as high as 90%

High-Definition Film Reading Experience

  • Imported Acrylic light diffuse panel, good light transmission, durable performance with no distortion and color drift.
  • 4mm Acrylic LGP with the light transmission similar to that of glass and uniform light diffuse performance.
  • Comfortable color temperature, high resolution and CRI ensures you precise reading experience.

Unique Knob Rotating and Digital Control Technology

  • Innovative, flexible, practical and easy to operate knob operation.
  • Open-and-shut three-digit number display panel.

Film Sensing and Constant Current Driving

  • Sensing automatically, lighting on automatically when film inserted and off when films removed.
  • Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, the service life is elongated at constant current driving mode.

High Frequency Digital PWM Technology

  • The high frequency digital PWM technology, with brightness 0-100 stage linearly adjustable, has absolutely eliminated the interference fringe to the camera screen.
  • The adoption of digital PWM to control constant current chip, can ensure the more accurate control of current output. Contrast to simulating dimming system, the PWM is with more stable performance and color temperature.

Reliable Film Clip Device

  • Silicone clip device makes film inserting or pulling out more flexible and with no stuck
Frame (L x H x T) 478 x 506 x 25 mm 838 x 506 x 25 mm 1198 x 506 x 25 mm 1558 x 506 x 25 mm
Viewing Area (W x H) 360 x 425 720 x 425 1080 x 425 1440 x 425
Max Power Consumption 30W 60W 90W 120W
Light Source Super Bright SMD LED 144pcs/bank
Color Temperature 8000k
LED Average Life 100000h
Power Supply Input Built-in Global Adaptive Power, AC90-240V 50/60Hz
Luminance PWM Dimming System with 3inches LCD display,can be  modulated range from 1% to 100% continuously with luminance :0~45000cd/㎡
Applicable Film Standard X-ray Film、High density digital film、Breast Mammography Film
Brightness ≥90%
Installation Type Wall mounting, Bracket mounting
Application Condition Ambient luminance of viewing room shall be less than 100 lux