FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System

Technical Parameters

Improved slit lamp three magnification Optical lens made of high quality materials, stable optical quality
Binocular Microscope type stereo microscope angle
Eyepiece 10X, 16X
Total magnification 10X, 16X, 25X
Visual field diameter ø23mm, ø14mm, ø9mm
IPD distance adjustable 55-75mm
Diopter adjustable ± 5D
Fissure section
Slit width 0 ~ 14mm continuously adjustable or 0 ~ 9mm continuously adjustable
Fissure length 1 ~ 14mm continuously adjustable or continuously adjustable 1-8mm
Crack the rotation angle 0-180.
Fissure forward angle 5. 10. ,Fifteen. 20.
Spot diameter ø0.2mm, ø2mm, ø3mm, ø5mm,
ø8mm, ø10mm, ø14mm
Or ø0.2mm, ø2mm, ø3mm, ø5mm,
ø8mm. ø9mm
Insulation sheet filters, dimming films, no red chip, cobalt blue sheet
12V50W 12V30W light bulbs or halogen bulbs imported
Input voltage AC110V / 60Hz or AC220V / 50Hz
Input power 80VA
Weight and dimensions
Size 740mmx590mmx320mm