YBP05P 5.6KW Portable Digital X-ray System
YBX 25/55KW High Frequency X-ray Radiography System

YBFDR50/Pro 50/65KW Floor-mounted Digital Radiography System


High configuration

  • High-frequency power meets all kinds of large volume, thick position radiography.
  • High—voltage generator outputs more stable kV.
  • Large-heat capacity of X—ray tube supports long time and large dose of continuous working.
  • Fast anode rotation ensures great heat dissipation and long service life.
  • Flexible movement

  • Four-sides floating bed would extend the coverage of the radiography, fully meeting clinical radiography request.
  • ±180º vertical column rotation in four directions, every 90º automatically lock easily turn the X-ray tube to achieve the horizontal position radiography.
  • The flat panel detector is synchronous movement with the vertical column, electromagnetic unlock, which will more reliable and safer.
  • Horizontal and vertical rulers design

  • The electromagnetic positioning is combined with the position indicator, with makes accurate positioning and reliable movement.
  • The combination of horizontal scale and column makes multi-position radiography more easily and could be realized panoramic split jointing.
  • Intelligent software system

  • Advanced touch screen, humanized interface design based on patient needs, more convenient and quick operation.
  • Chinese/English interface design, quick vi€w of work log. easy to use Without pressure.
  • High index digital image chain, with built—in imaging software. easy to meet different hospital departments' request.
  • Technical Specification

    Flat Panel Detector X-ray Sensitive Area 17x17inch
    Generator Standard Power 50kW/65kW
    kVp Range 40 - 150 kVp
    mAs Range 0.1 - 630mAs/0.1 - 800mAs
    mA Range 10 - 630mA/10 - 800mA
    X-ray Tube Anode Heat Content 300kHu
    Physical Specification Column Rotation Range ±180º
    Tube Tilting Angle ±180º
    Tube Vertical Rotation Angle -10º - +90º
    Telescopic Arm Length Range 220 - 2000mm
    SID 0 - 1800mm