YBMG 50KW Mobile Digital Radiography System
YBMX 5KW Mobile Digital X-ray System

YBMD 25KW Mobile Digital Radiography System


  • The generator power, battery buffer and intelligent APR (Anatomical programable regions) fuction help you get the high resolution image and allow you to safely address more of your patient population.
  • Versatile wireless and wire flat panel allows for comfortable positioning and high-resolution image processing.
  • Stylish shock-resistant bumper design can prevent damage automatically.
  • Easy integration into existing IT networks. Patient data in DICOM 3.0 can be transferred to the PACS or HIS/RIS System.
  • Technical Specification

    Item Parameters
    Output Power 25kW
    Inverter Frequency 60kHz
    Dual-focus Small focus: 0.6; Large focus: 1.3
    Tube Voltage 40 -125kW
    Tube Current 200mA
    Digital Detector Flat panel detector