FDC6000 Full-Digital Portable Diagnostic Color Doppler System
YBP05P 5.6KW Portable Digital X-ray System

YBMX 5KW Mobile Digital X-ray System


  • Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery can be operated from battery and from mains powers, suitable for making radiography for all body parts in any places and at any time.
  • Creative designing make much less weight and much smaller volume than any other similar ones.
  • Unique locating mode and swift radiography capacity provide perfect and handy operating.
  • Precise and effortless adjustment of counterbalanced tube arm and rotatable tube head.
  • Technical Specification

    Item Parameters
    Output Power 5kW
    Frequency 50kHz
    Dual-focus Small focus: 0.6; Large focus: 1.3
    Tube Voltage 40 -120kW
    Power Supply AC/DC 220V 50/60Hz
    Operation Method Wire/Wireless control