FBW660 Full-Digital B/W Diagnostic Doppler System
YBFDR50/Pro 50/65KW Floor-mounted Digital Radiography System

YBP05P 5.6KW Portable Digital X-ray System


Simple folding stand design

  • The mobile stand is flexible and convenient to meet various position. Also it's easy and quick to transport the boxes separately because of folding.
  • Traveling box packed

  • The box can be placed on the main X-ray equipment, imaging system, hand switch control, exposure control.
  • You can choose different flat panel detector and exposure control.
  • Also it’s easy to transport and carry because of compact structure.
  • New large—capacity lithium battery design

  • Support AC/DC power supply, no restrictions in the environment. It adopts the design of lithium battery, which is green environmental protection, light weight, small size, short charging time and long service life.
  • Interactive design

  • Touch screen with multiple APR would save more time. Quick setting of exposure parameters, the human-computer interaction interface is more friendly.
  • Various application scenes

  • It can be widely used in hospital room, disaster relief, emergency medical treatment, sports events, charity organizations, overseas voyage, etc.
  • Technical Specification

    Flat Panel Detector X-ray Sensitive Area 14x17inch
    Generator Standard Power 5.6kW
    kVp Range 40 - 125kVp
    mA Range 10 - 100mA
    mAs Range 0.1 - 200mAs
    X-ray Tube Anode Heat Content 42kHu
    Collimator Inherent Filtration 1mm AI/70kV
    Touch Screen Dimension 8 inch
    Other Component Battery Lithium
    Physical Specification
    Main Unit Weight 18kg
    Dimension 44x24x23.6cm
    Stand Maximum Expansion 90x75x202cm
    Fold Dimension 105x40x40cm
    Trolley Dimension 106x50x50cmº