DBW9618C Full-Digital B/W Diagnostic Doppler System
DBW3100 Portable Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

YBX 25/55KW High Frequency X-ray Radiography System


  • High power high efficiency X-ray generator ensures the image quality.
  • Multi-options for radiography mode can meet personalized professional radiography requirement.
  • Close-table human graphic LCD touch operation and remote controller for exposure, provides instant access to patient data and key parameters in the examination room, avoid the need to leave room.
  • Multi body parts, multi position photography parameters for adult and children have been preprogrammed, easy to lean and opreate even to new operators.
  • Self-protection and fault-code alarming function for much safer operate.
  • Technical Specification

    Item Parameters
      YBX6500 YBX160A
    Output Power 55kW 25kW
    Inverter Frequency 60kHz 60kHz
    Dual-focus Small focus: 0.6; Large focus: 1.2 Small focus: 0.6; Large focus: 1.3
    Tube Voltage 40 - 150 kW 40 - 125 kW
    mAs 0.1 - 630mA 0.4 - 630mA