YBCH-800 Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Instrument Function

  • 7-inch touch screen technology, real-time display of all channels working status.
  • Sample Sites(unit): 100.
  • ESR Test Speed(Ts/h): 200.
  • HCT Test Speed(Ts/h):15000.
  • Detection function of ESR maximum Vm and Tm.
  • ESR dynamic curve display and print function.
  • Automatic conversion ESR equation K value function.
  • Temperature setting and conversion function for testing result.
  • Unlimited storage of test results.
  • Liquid surface tracking and scanning function.
  • Automatic identification and alarm function of abnormal samples.
  • Power-off protection function.
  • Bar-code reading function(optional)Notification function after testing.

Market advantages

  • The machine with unprecedented Quality and performance.
  • To meet the demands from all customers.
  • With 7-inch touch screen technology which is very easily for operation.
  • Optional 30 minutes or 60 minutes, independent measurement of ESR.
  • Combination of ESR and HCT testing function.
  • With single or batch test result query, print function.
  • In addition to the advantages of high precision and high speed, it also has lower operating costs.