FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


1.The main microscope using a state-of-the-art parallel light electric     continuous zoom technology, the ratio of magnification:1:6,

magnification:4x-24x.Field of view diameter: 11mm-68mm.

Eyepiece visual angle:45°

2.Vice microscope and the main microscope at a 90 °postural, the same     optical path. magnification:6x.10x.16x

3.Eyepiece: main microscope 10X/22B     vice microscope:12.5x/18B 4.Working Distance: 200mm

5.Light Source: 0 °+6 ° coaxial illumination of cold light source,

Red reflex enhancer. illumination≥ 80000Lx ,

Lighting bulbs: 15V/150W(dual bulb conversion)

6.With retinal protection devices and foot control lighting switch

(to facilitate vitrectomy)

7.Membrane touch switch and LCD display design,reliable,

Maintain the usual parameters of the 12 doctors

8.With foot controlled X-Y plane mover, moving range

X-Y:40mm. Can be reset to zero.

9.Waterproof foot controlled and touch screen controlled, double control

10.Motorized fine tunning system, the range of fine

focusing: 40mm

11.The microscope can be ront and back pitching

adjustable,pitching range: -5°-10

12.Optional accessories:Splitter, monocular teach

mirror, digital camera system,

1/3 inch CCD camera system(including display)

  1. Newest design balanced frame