YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System

YOM-4B Operation microscope can be used in Hand surgery,Plastic surgery,family planning, Andriatrics,gynaecology and such vascular anastomosis microsurgery operation.


  1. Three people six eyes:The main microscope:double binocular with 180°position, the same light route, the same illumination and the same position, the vice microscope and the main microscope at a 90°position.
  2. Foot control motorized fine-tune , the fine-tune range:40mm
  3. Eyepiece visual field:>27.5mm
  4. Working distance:200mm,250mm
  5. Magnification: The main microscope:10x, 8x, the assistant microscope:4x
  6. Adjustable range of eye-distance:55mm-75mm
  7. Cold light source, imported Halogen bulb 80V50W
  8. The maximum illuminance:30000LX
  9. The main mirror 12.5x wide angle eyepiece, the vice mirror: the same light route 12.5x eyepiece
  10. Balanced frame, the frame up-down range: >250mm, the maximum gyration radius of cross arm:800mm