YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System


  • LED light source
    High energy efficiency:less energy consumption, energy conservation. Strong stability:longer service life, thirty thousand – sixty thousand hours Environmental protection: No Pb,Hg and the like harmful heavy metals to the the enviroment, protect enviroment.
  • Simple damping -conditioning system(120°balancing arm)
    The primary mirror can be easily maintaned at any location with the movement Top technology: pendulum(tilting)system [optional]
    Convenient operate during operation, more confortable when observing.
  • The adjustable binocular tube with 180°optics hingesIn a different position you can maintain upright sitting position to gain maximum comfort.
  • A fine-tuning large objective lens and large vari-focus lenswith 120mm lengthened working distance. [optional]
    Allows you to easily get clear facia and image, make the working distance automotic adjustment, easy to focusing.
    Bright and clear, strong stereoscopic impression optical system
    Allows you to get the best image which you never seen before, it is convenient for your subtle obervation, and improve your working effciency and treatment.


1.Main microscope

1.1 Binocular tube: adjustable binocular tube with 0-180°optics hinge, maximum:220°

1.2 Rotating disc type PD adjuster, the range is: 50mm~80mm

1.3 Eyepiece: 12.5X / 18B

1.4 The adjustable range of visual degree: ±6D

1.5 With fine-tuning apochromatic large objective: working distance:250mm, the adjustable range is 20mm.

1.6 Adjustable double handlebar

1.7 Five-step drum wheel magnification zoom system: Magnification 3.4x,5.1x, 8.3x,13.5x,20.5x

1.8 The diameter of field of view(F=250):66mm,44mm,26mm,16.5mm,10.4mm Diameter of illuminating light spot(F=250):Φ85mm

1.9 Filter adjuster:yellow,green and heat filter.

1.10 With built-in HD beam splitter pendulum system, easy to adjust,

The left and right tilting angle: ≤±15°

1.11 Outlay or built-in LED illumination:object plane illuminance≥30000~60000lx, adjustable brightness,with automatic power-off switch.

1.12 120°balancing arm with damping:freely rotate to any position with damping.

  1. Frame: The spreaded length of arm:1350mm, The height:1750mm

2.1 Movable floor stand, easy to move, bidirectional brake on the cross.

2.2 Binodal floor with display rack

2.3 Small cross arm: Length: 600mm, angle of rotation:±150°,

the range of up-down:±350

2.4 Big cross arm: Length 500mm, angle of rotation:360°

3.Digital camera system

3.1 Optics interface adapter for Sony compact system camera

3.2 Sony series compact system camera

3.3 Assistant 23 inch HD brand Display

3.4 Sony compact system camera with built-in power

3.5 (HDMI) HD data line

3.6 HD Memory card

4.Optional parts:Large zoom objective:200mm-320mm