FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


1.Main microscope

1.1. Single binocular straight tube, F=160mm

1.2.Working distance: 300mm

1.3.Magnification:2.8X、4.1X、6.9X、11.6X、17X, Five step drum wheels magnification 1.4. The diameter of visual filed : 80、53、31、18.5、12.5(mm)

1.5.Eyepiece: 12.5X/17B wide angle with adjustable visual degree and caging device 1.6. Adjustable range of PD:50-75mm

1.7.Adjustable range of visual degree: ±5D

1.8.Fine-tuning range:40mm

1.9. Adjustable range of microscope titling angle >45°

2  Accessaries of observation (Optional parts)

2.1 Beam splitter subassembly (It is used to teaching, take pictures and video)

2.2 1/3 inch CCD camera interface, it can be connected by video system to become  a multipurpose phoelectron colposcopy

3  Frame

3.1. Cantilever type spring arm balance frame,coarse tuning range: 340mm

3.2.Cold light source 150W/15V, Coaxial optical fibre illumination, the illuminance >30000LX 3.3.Power : 220V/50HZ