Ybo N2O Sedation System makes a good performance in gastrointestinal endoscope department, obstetrics department, dentistry department and other departments. From high to low acuity, simple to complex cases, pediatric to geriatric patients, Ybo N2O Sedation Systems offer you the choices you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique. what’s more, our expertise in anesthesia delivery and ventilation is based on rich 23-year history of developing anesthesia solutions that meet your needs. Good performance based on High Security, High Accuracy, High Stability and accurate monitoring.
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation System S8800A

    SPECIFICATIONS FOR S8800A NITROUS OXIDE SEDATION SYSTEM Ventilation modes Continuous gas supply, On-demand gas supply, Rapid oxygen supply, Manual Main parameters Oxygen concentration 30%-100% N2O concentration […]
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation System S8800B

    Specifications Ventilation modes: Continuous gas supply or On-demand gas supply Rapid oxygen supply Manual Graphical display: P-T(pressure – time) Alarm and protection The AC power failure […]
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation System S8800C

    Specifications Ventilation modes:Continuous gas supply or On-demand gas supply , Rapid oxygen supply, Manual Graphical display: P-T(pressure – time)  Alarm and protection   The AC power failure alarm Power failure […]