YBMR-2100C Microplate Reader


  • It is suitable for research institution, ultra low temperature experiment for special material, electronic industry, war industry, university laboratory, biological engineering, pelagic fishery and so on.
  • It can be used to store virus, germ, RBC, WBC, skin, skeleton, bacteria, semen, Biological product, ocean product and low temperature test for electronic devices.

Temperature Control Function

  • Micro-computer control, digital temperature display, adjust unit is 0.1°C.
  • Temperature is adjustable.Temperature difference of start-up and shut-down can be set.
  • High and low temperature alarm function, alarm temperature can be set as needed.

Safety System

  • Perfect alarm system with buzzer sound and lamp flashing alarm functions.
  • High and low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm function are available.
  • Multiple-protection function(Pass word protection, frequently start-up protection. refrigerating system operation protection when sensor is faulted).

Refrigerating System

  • Ultra-thick foam layer, dual-sealing design of door, for effective temperature protection.
  • Optimized auto-cascade refrigerating system, imported famous brand compressor, for excellent refrigerating performance.
  • Reasonable evaporator design, ensure the most effective flow of refrigerating fluid and the uniformity of temperature in the cabinet.
  • Unique fluoride-free mixed refrigerant fluid,100% CFC-Free.
  • Single-compressor system, fewer part for lower failure rate and energy consumption.
  • Germany EBM noiseless fan, for stable performance and lower noise.

Humanized Design

  • Food-grade stainless steel liner, never get rusty, which is safe for samples.
  • Heavy duty casters design, convenient to move.
  • Safety door design, for prevention of accidental open.
  • LED temperature display, convenient and clear to observe.
  • Suitable for using at environmental temperature of 10°C~30°C.
  • Optional digital temperature recorder, convenient to record and store performance data at special condition, equipment with USB connector to copy data for analyzing.
  • Wide voltage range design, suitable for using when the voltage is 187V~242V.

Product Parameters

Model External Dimension Internal Dimension Temperature Power Net weight Capacity Voltage
DW-60W118 1270*780*990mm 540*400*590mm -25~-60℃ 450W 110kg 118L 220V/50Hz
DW-86W118 1270*780*990mm 540*400*590mm -40~-86℃ 450W 110kg 118L 220V/50Hz
DW-130W118 1270*780*990mm 540*400*590mm -60~-130℃ 450W 110kg 118L 220V/50Hz