YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System


Made by Medical grade high polymer material, Sterilized by E.O, Non-toxic,aseptic and Non-Pyrogen.

According to the gauge, needles can be divided into various specification 0.55-1.2mm, 18-25G.

Colour  Orange  Purple  Blue  Black  Green  Yellow  Cream  Pink
Needle Spec. (mm) 0.5×20(25G) 0.55×20(24G) 0.6×25(23G) 0.7×25(22G) 0.8×27(21G) 0.9×28(20G) 1.1×28(19G) 1.2×28(18G)


Item No. Specification Qty/Cs Detailed information
YB829 18-25G 2000 Blood Collection Needle,Single-wing
YB830 18-25G 2000 Blood Collection Needle,Single-wing
YB831 18-25G 2000 Blood Collection Needle,Pen type
YB832 Ø13mm – Ø16mm 2000 Needle Holder