Disposable Capillary Tips


  • Ybo Disposable Pre-bent Tips are ultrafine, slender, polypropylene cannulae used with Luer Vacuum Adapters to suction fluid out of the root canal.
  • They are also great for irrigation of root canals, periodontal pockets, or fistulas when used with 1.2 mL or 5 mL syringes.
  • Can go deep into the narrow position and drugs get into the exact position.
  • More comfortable than the traditional metal needles and can relieve the pain of patients
  • Luer adapter which can be easily and tightly connect with the syringe.
  • The tip is very thin , the ID is 1.25mm,0.25mm and 0.35mm.
  • Clear, Blue and deep blue colors are selectable.