FDC6000 Full-Digital Portable Diagnostic Color Doppler System
BWU9018CB B/W Ultrasound Diagnostic System

FBW660 Full-Digital B/W Diagnostic Doppler System

Clinical application

For clinical diagnosis of abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology, organelle, small organ, urology and intra-cavity ultrasound inspection, cardiology and cardiovascular ultrasound screening.


  • Adopting Multiple technologies such as digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam forming (DBF) , real-time dynamic aperture (RDA), dynamic receive apodization (DRA), dynamic receive focusing (DRF), dynamic frequency scan (DFS) and so on
  • Image optimization and enhancement, smoothing, frame correlation processing, pseudo-color ,Gamma Correction,Real-time Zoom/Zoom to area
  • Automatically report generating accords to image collection, diagnostic description and measurement projects.
  • Diversified and Complete image-text medical records management function; Typical & upgradable medical records import/export function; these two functions can satisfy needs of extended clinic applications.

Main Unit Parameters

Platform PC Control Platform based on WINDOWS system
Scanning Model Electronic Linear Array, Electronic Convex Array
Image Storage BMP, JPG, DCM, and tif are available; built-in hard disk≥160G
Display Depth 250mm
Scanning Angle ≥152º
Image Processing Edge enhancement, tissue harmonic, scanning line density, Gamma

Correction, Histogram

Pseudo-color ≥ 10 types
Image Enhancement ≥7 types
Focus Adjustment Focus Number ≥4; focus span and focus position are adjustable
Patient Records

Management System

Add, Search, Revise and Report functions are available.
External Ports Video port, RS-232 Port, USB Port, DICOM3.0 Port, PS/2 Port and

XGA Port