YBHE-3680 Auto 3-diff. Hematology Analyzer

GL21M High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge


  • Brushless frequency motor for model GL21 which in great torque, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in speed up and
  • The flexible axle driven system which drive the rotor directly, smooth in operation, low noise and small vibration.
  • Import compressors fluorine free, double cycle cooling, cold and hot alternating easily, free environment pollution and precise in
    temperature control.
  • There are 10 kinds of program and 10 kinds of acceleration and deceleration for your choice.
  • Micro computer control system, LED(digital) display the temperature, time and speed.
  • Automatically electric lid lock, compact design, super speed and imbalance protection.
  • The centrifuge body is made of high-quality steel, safe and reliable.

GL21M Technical Parameter

Max. Speed 21000rpm
Max. RCF 46140xg
Max. Capacity 4*800ml
Timer 1~9h59min
RPM/RCF Convert Yes
Noise ≤65dB
Temperature Range -20-401℃
Acc/Dec 10 Kinds
Speed Accuracy ±20r/min
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Voltage AC 220V 50HZ/60HZ
Dimension 800x740x930mm
Net Weight 300KG

Matched Rotors for GL21M

Order No. Rotor Type Max speed r/min Volume(ml) Max RCF(g)
21M-1 Angle rotor 21000 12x10ml 44440
21M-2 Angle rotor 20000 16x10ml 46140
21M-3 Angle rotor 20000 8×30/20ml 42040
21M-4 Angle rotor 20000 6x50ml 44700
21M-5 Angle rotor 15000 8x50ml 27540
21M-6 Angle rotor 15000 6x70ml 25480
21M-7 Angle rotor 12000 8x100ml 19610
21M-8 Angle rotor 11000 4x300ml 18120
21M-9 Angle rotor 10000 6x300ml 15730
21M-10 Angle rotor 9000 6x500ml 14860
21M-11 Swing rotor 4000 4x800ml 3450
21M-12 Swing rotor 15000 4x5ml 21670
21M-13 Swing rotor 13000 4x30ml 23580
21M-14 Swing rotor 10000 4x50ml 16240


Order No. Rotor Type Max Speed (rpm) Max Volume Max. RCF Standard Flow Deposit
No30128 Continuous centrifugal rotor 17000 1000ml 31390xg 285-350ml/min 500ml
No30129 14000 1800ml 21710xg 220-500ml/min 500ml
No30130 8000 3000ml 9450xg 1600ml
No30131 8000 1800ml 8600xg 1000ml