FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


Ybo HZ series Holmium Laser System can be used to perform incision, excision, resection ablation, vaporization, coagulation and hemostasis of soft tissue and in lithotripsy of stones in various medical specialties, including:


Prostate enucleating (BPH treatment) with HoLEP urinary lithotripsy / Urethrotomy.


Gastric bezoar, Early digestive system cancer Esophageal stenosis, Upper gastrointestinal polyps.


Common bile duct stones





“Dual-insurance” Laser

Two cavities work design; two beams of laser can work together or separately. When an error occurs in one beam output, the other one assures the operation going smoothly.

Unique Sealing Techniques Patent

Built-in well-sealed cavity: it is anti-shock, anti-humidity, anti-dust, anti-interference of electromagnetic wave, it ensures long-term steadiness of laser output and lifespan of laser cavity.

Imported Core Parts (From USA and Germany)

Through EMC test, imported core accessories enhance holmium laser output stability and efficiency of transformation, which provides reliable security assurance while assuring high power, super stability and long-term use.


Sound-mute Environment friendly Water Cooling System, High Efficiency, long time use

Super silence design with international advanced environment-friendly refrigerant and quick robust refrigeration technology speed up the refrigeration velocity, assure cooling system long-term steady running, without break and guarantee stable long time laser output.


0.1J step-length adjustment, wide-range alternative Energy feedback of loop control system

Dynamic auto-monitor output power, duly compensate power change which is influenced by water temperature and optical components in order to steady output power at setting index.


Highest monopulse energy can achieve 4.5J and highest frequency is 40HZ, which shortens operation time and increase surgery efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Output (max.) 40 Watts 60 Watts 80 Watts 90 Watts
Pulse frequency 5-20Hz 5-40Hz 5-40Hz 5-40Hz
Pulse energy 0.5-4.0J 0.5-4.0J 0.5-4.5J 0.5-4.5J
Laser type Holmium laser (Ho:YAG)
Wavelength 2.1um
Pulse duration 300-600um
Aiming beam, green 532nm, <1mW, can be fine-tuned
Cooling system Internal cooling system
Fibers Reusable 200um, 275um, 365um, 550um, 800um, 1000um
Main supply AC 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz, single phase
Dimension 80x45x90cm 80x45x90cm 89x45x105cm 89x45x105cm
Weight 110kg 135kg 150kg 160kg
Accessories Foot switch, Laser fibers, Fiber stripper, Diamond Fiber cutter, Laser glasses, Power cable