YBMR-2100C Microplate Reader


HM-15 HM-35 infrared inoculation ring sterilizer is applied to the inoculation ring, inocula- tion needles,high temperature sterilization of such small items ,completely replacing alcohol lamps, convenient and quick. Can be widely used in biological safety cabinets, purification worktables, exhaust fans, mobile vehicles and ven in the harsh environment such as the wild.


  • Safe and convenient to disinfect and completely replace the alcohol lamp;
  • Heating zone is up to 800 °C, and the sterilization takes only 5 to 7 seconds;
  • Small size, light weight, easy operation, beautiful instrument, easy to clean, long service life;
  • The device can be used in an anaerobic chamber;
  • Unique intelligent algorithm to fully extend the heating life and improve safety;
  • In the depth of the ceramic funnel pipe, there is an ashing of organic matter, and the pollution is contaminated;

Technical Specification

Model HM-15 HM-35
Central Max Temperature 825℃±25℃ 825℃±25℃
Max Sample Diameter φ15mm Φ35mm
Total length of heating zone 140mm 100mm
Heating time 15min 15min
Ambient temperature 5℃ ~ 40℃ 5℃ ~ 40℃
Fuse 250V 3A 5×20 250V 3A  5×20
Input power AC220V~ 50-60Hz AC220V~ 50-60Hz
Power 150W 150W
Net weight 1kg 2.5kg
Exterior Dimension 120×155×180 (mm) 176×135×189.5 (mm)