YBHE-3680 Auto 3-diff. Hematology Analyzer

Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer)


Apply to bacteria, viruses, plasma, serum, antibodies, vaccines and drugs, microorganism, yeast, biological research plant was used to extract the article such as freeze drying.


  • Use touch-key, blue backlit LCD screen display, menu operation, can realize man-machine conversation function;
    Cold trap and pre-cool for material room, furnished without low temperature refrigerator, small size, compact structure, convenient operation;
  • By adopting the technology of single machine (imported compressor) mixed refrigerant, cooling rapidly, low noise, low temperature of cold trap, moisture adsorption ability;
  • By high radiation heating, the material is heated evenly; Efficient water traps, which can realize the rapidness cream;
  • Transparent bell jar type drying room, security intuitive, precooling can make guide barrel, speed up the drying;
  • The machine is stainless steel material, type A sample plate spacing adjustable; International standard vacuum pump interface, with a variety of vacuum pump combination, with domestic return oil vacuum pump.

Technical Specification

Model Yb-10-50B








Type Standard Stoppering Multi-manifold Stoppering Multi-manifold
Freeze Dry Area 0.12 m2 0.092 m2 0.12 m2 0.092 m2
Ice Capacity 3 kg/bulk

4 kg/bulk

3 kg/bulk

4 kg/bulk

3 kg/bulk

4 kg/bulk

3 kg/bulk

4 kg/bulk

Load Capacity 1.5 L 1 L 1.5 L 1 L
Loaded vials Φ12mm 920 pcs 560 pcs 920 pcs 560 pcs
Φ16mm 480 pcs 285 pcs 480 pcs 285 pcs
Φ22mm 260 pcs 165 pcs 260 pcs 165 pcs
Manifold valve / / 8 8
Tray Diameter Φ200 mm Φ200 mm Φ200 mm Φ200 mm
Tray Spacing 70 mm
Number of Tray 4 pcs 3 pcs 4 pcs 3 pcs
Cold trap size 230*250mm 230*250mm 230*250mm 230*250mm
Cold trap temperature <-50°C/-80°C
Vacuum Degree <10PA
Power (W) 850W (-80°C,1300W)

950W (-80°C,1000W)

Motor Dimension 680*395*450mm


-80℃Motor Dimension 740*450*530mm


Weight 80KG


AC/DC 220V/50Hz