OUD5000 Ophthalmology A/B Ultrasonic Diagnostic System
Autoclave Indicator Tape

Clinical application

It is suitable for the adult users to detect,record and replay their own heart rate and ECG waveform.

Product Introduction

Machine Parameters

1. ECG Function

Detection Mode: ECG Mode; Heart Rate Mode

Collection Method: Fingertip collection; Lead wire collection

ECG Lead: Single Lead; I, II, III Limb Lead; CC5 Chest Lead

Sampling Rate: 512Hz

Frequency Response Range: 0.67~40Hz

Heart Rate Range: 30~240bpm, ±10% or ±5bpm (subject to the maximum)

Waveform Display Sensitivity: 5.0mm/mV, 10.0mm/mV, 20.0mm/mV; ±10%

Waveform Scanning Speed: 25mm/s, 50mm/s

Record Intervals: 30s~12h every cycle; storage capacity depends on SD Card memory used in cellphone

2. Intelligent Platform

It is compatible with the intelligent platform including Android smart phone and Android tablet computer.

Data transmission: Wireless data transmission

Operation Mode: ECG waveform real-time collection and display; run multitask in the background

3. Heart Health Management Function

User Management: Multi-user interface can be established including clinical supplementary information for every user.
Heart rate: Heart Rate can be displayed during collection process with 3 colors to indicate heart rate status.
ECG data review: Display all ECG data of current user in a list.
ECG waveform hologram review: Display all detailed ECG wave forms via hologram.
Explanatory Notes: 21 types of ECG explanatory notes.
Trend: Display the trend of multiple heart rate measurement values.
Data Exchange: Data can be sent and received by means of intelligent platform.
Help: Help information will help the users know the main usage method.
Cardiology Knowledge: Learn and understand common heart health knowledge.


· High ECG sampling rate; high-quality medical data; clearer ECG details

· Support connection with your smart phone; conduct ECG detection directly via mobile phone; support ECG view,

remote data exchange and heart health management

· In the size of a Credit Card; portable function; easy operation; with 1-2-3 quick start guidance, ordinary people

can use it without worry.