FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System

Intend Use: 

  • Provides 60-80% oxygen;
  • Indications: Hypoxemia, initial treatment of hypoxemia in case of emergency, severe trauma, etc.;


  • The one -way valve device is interposed between the mask and the air bag to prevent the exhaled gas from flowing back into the bag. The check valve is accompanied with two one-way valves to provide a vomit-absorption function to ensure high oxygen concentration.
  • Oxygen will flow into the bag and continue to inflate at least one-half to one-third of the bag when inhaling.
  • Light -weight air storage bags improve the oxygen supply performance and make the patient feel comfortable.
  • The oxygen concentration can be maintained at 85%-99% under full oxygen supply.
  • The nose clips can be adjusted for airtightness depending on the patient’s face.
  • Single patient use to avoid cross-infection.
  • The material meets ISO biocompatibility requirements.


  • 2 Mask sizes: Adult , Pediatric.
  • Oxygen tube 2.1 meters