PECVD Tube Furnace

YBOTECH PECVD Tube Furnace (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System) is composed of four modules: tube furnace, vacuum acquisition, flow control and radio frequency power supply. This equipment uses 13.56Mhz radio frequency output to ionize the gas containing the constituent atoms of the film and form a Plasma, using the strong chemical activity of plasma, improves the reaction conditions, and makes the gaseous substances containing thin films react chemically, so as to realize a new preparation technology for the growth of thin film materials, and finally obtain the desired thin film deposited on the substrate, which is suitable for SiO2 and SiNx films were deposited at 1200°C.

  1. The PECVD tube furnace system consists of tube furnace, vacuum acquisition, flow control and RF power supply;
  2. The tube furnace can choose different tube diameters and the length of the constant temperature zone, and the two ends of the tube are equipped with high-vacuum stainless steel sealing flanges;
  3. The vacuum acquisition system can choose different vacuum pumps according to the test requirements. The vacuum degree of the rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump is ≤5pa, and the vacuum degree of the molecular pump vacuum unit is 1×10-4pa;
  4. The air supply system can choose 3-way float manual and 3-way automatic mass flow system;
  5. Vacuum measurement is digital composite vacuum machine or Pirani vacuum gauge;
  6. Choose 13.56Mhz equipment power supply for plasma discharge, and power output can choose 200W, 300W and 500W;
  7. The tube furnace can choose single temperature zone 440mm, or choose three temperature zones or multiple temperature zones for temperature gradient test;
  8. The built-in RS485 digital communication port and USB adapter of the thermostat are optional configurations, which can be connected to a PC for remote control and monitoring of the system, and can also save or export test results;
  9. The product complies with EU CE standard.
gradeVacuum Atmosphere Function
  1. With 304 stainless steel sealing flange to obtain vacuum or atmosphere in the furnace tube.
  2. High-quality quartz glass working tube, and metal or corundum working tube can also be selected to adapt to different working conditions.
  3. The high-performance bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump can obtain a vacuum degree of 5pa, and the digital vacuum gauge can display the vacuum degree.
  4. With air circuit control unit, the control unit can choose 1-3 way MFC automatic control system.

PECVD Tube Furnace

Technical Specification

Item YBGP-40-12 YBGP-60-12 YBGP-80-12 YBGP-100-12
Tube Size Φ40 x 1200mm Φ60 x 1200mm Φ80 x1200mm Φ100 x 1200mm
Max Temperature 1200℃
Work Temperature 1100℃
Heating Zone 440mm
Voltage/Power 220V/1.8KW 220V/2.6KW 220V/2.6KW 220V/2.6KW
Heating Element HRE iron chromium aluminum alloy resistance wire
Chamber Material Polycrystalline inorganic alumina ceramic fiber material prepared by wet vacuum filtration
Tube Material Quartz Tube
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Heating Element N type thermocouple
Temperature Controller Intelligent microcomputer PID temperature control instrument, SCR/SSR control, PID parameter self-tuning function; programmable 4 groups of 8 program segments, program heating, program heat preservation, program cooling
 Heating Rate  1-25℃/min freely set
Furnace Structure Furnace temperature control integrated structure, furnace opening and closing; double-layer shell, air circulation and heat insulation
Sealing Function Both ends of the furnace tube are equipped with stainless steel metal flanges, matched with high-temperature PTFE gaskets, which can work under vacuum with a vacuum degree of ≤5pa (rotary vane vacuum pump)
RF power  Frequency: 13.56 MHz±0.005%, power: 5W-500W, power stability: ±0.5%
Gas Controller Optional 3-way float manual flowmeter, range 60-600ml/min; 3-way automatic mass flowmeter, range 1-500sccm
Atmopshere Function There are air inlets and outlets at both ends of the flange. The pressure gauge is installed on the metal flange. The precision needle valve can adjust the air intake and output, and can be fed with protective gases such as nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen.
Gas Interface KF25 vacuum baffle valve and KF25 stainless steel bellows connect vacuum pump; protective atmosphere 6mm stainless steel ferrule joint and PTFE pipeline
Equipment Protection Modular control, sound and light alarm signal will be sent out for over temperature and broken coupler in the working process, and the protection action will be completed automatically
Safety Protection The equipment is equipped with a circuit breaker, which will automatically pop open in case of short circuit leakage, which can protect the safety of equipment and operators
Furnace Shell High-quality cold-rolled steel plate CNC machine tool blanking processing, after welding, grinding, polishing, phosphating, pickling, surface electrostatic spraying plastic powder
Quality Certificate ISO9001   CE

PECVD Tube Furnace


1. Furnace body 1 set
2. Temperature controller 1
3. Power cord 3 meters 1
4. Thermocouple 1
5. Instruction manual 1
6. Crucible pliers 1
7. High temperature gloves 1 pair

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