YBCH-800 Auto Chemistry Analyzer

It is mainly used to refrigerate blood (whole blood) specialized equipment, also can be used to refrigerate medicine reagent, biological product. Suitable for large and small blood stations, hospitals and centers for disease control and prevention.

Special features

1.Platelet constant temperature oscillating preservation box for short-term preservation of platelets (20°C~24 °C), preservation of biological agents(2°C~40°C) or experimental bodies (2°C~40 °C), etc.

2.Suitable for hospitals, blood stations, scientific research fields, university laboratories, etc.

3.Windows door design, in the cabinet at a glance.

Temperature Control Function

High precision sensor microcomputer control, the temperature in the box is constant.

Refrigerating System

Well-known brand condenser fan, imported compressor, high efficiency refrigerant.

Humanized Design

1.UV sterilization, temperature printer can be set as needed, large screen data display.

2.Stainless steel inner gallbladder, high-grade generous.

Technical parameters

Model External Dimension Internal Dimension Temperature Power Net weight Voltage Capacity
W*D*H(mm) W*D*H(mm) (℃) (W) (Kg) (V/Hz) (L)
MDC-101 1320*522*645 432*500*843 2~24 420 76 220/50 101