Blunt-End Needle Tips
Disposable Dental Needles
  • These dispensing tips are pre-bent to the proper angle for placing etchants, sealants, cements and other flowable materials.
  • Available in colors- Blue, Black, Gray, Pink, Yellow
  • Usage: Used to smear dental liquid and rinse the affected area.
  • Material: Needle  SUS304,   Needle base:  PP
  • Features: The bending angle :30-45°
Item No. Description Item No. Description
YB-DIN-23N 23G, Notched YB-DIN-27P Gray
YB-DIN-23S 23G, Side-Vented YB-DIN-25P Blue, Orange, Black
YB-DIN-23D 23G, Double-Vented YB-DIN-24P Purple
YB-DIN-27N 27G, Notched YB-DIN-23P Blue
YB-DIN-27S 27G, Side-Vented YB-DIN-22P Gray, Black, Blue
YB-DIN-27D 27G, Double-Vented YB-DIN-21P Green, Black
YB-DIN-30N 30G, Notched YB-DIN-20P Yellow, Black
YB-DIN-30S 30G, Side-Vented YB-DIN-19P Black
YB-DIN-30D 30G, Double-Vented YB-DIN-18P Black, Pink