YBCH-800 Auto Chemistry Analyzer


  • This scries of pulsation vacuum sterilizer utilizes saturated steam as its sterilization medium which releases a large amount of heat in the stage of condensation, and ensure the sterilizing environment.
  • This scries of pulsation vacuum sterilizer utilizes saturated steam as its sterilization medium which releases a large amount of heat in the stage of condensation, and ensure the sterilizing environment in high temperature and at a certain humidity.
  • After a period of insulation in such status, sterilization purpose is achieved. The application of pulsating vacuum exhausting has successfully eliminated the temperature influence from cold air, and helping the sterilization items to be dried by means of vacuum and dehumidification between the jacketed layers.


Body of the strilizer.
It is designcd and manufactured in accordance with GB150 *the Pressure Vessel. GB8599 The Technieal Requirements of Large Steam Serilier-Automatic Control Protocol”. and TSG Rt004 the -Safety and Technology Specifieation for Fixcd Monitor VesseNi and related insetion procedures.
The chamber in horizontat rectangular shape with doublelayer structure is made from S3008
Doot sealing: Pneumatic scaling: both doors are interlocked and completely conform to the requirementsof the
With standard GMP authentication interface.
Strlizer piping sysem: the pipeline is designed with the best configuration. All the spares are from qualified brands at homc and abroad.
Sterilizer control system: SIEMENS PLC and SIEMENS touch screen, this system is easy to implement thc program selection, parameter seting equipment opeation, report processing and other functions. It has prfect safety measures The FO valuc and thc temperature time gives doublc guarantee for selizaion A single parameter control is also available. It hasa prfect sterilization records.


Design Pressure 0.245Mpa Working Pressure 0.225Mpa
Design Temperature 139℃ Working Temperature 105-134℃
Vacuum -0.09Mpa Temperature Equilibrium ≤±1℃
Water Source Pressure 0.15-0.3Mpa Compressed Air Pressure 0.3-0.7Mpa
Steam Pressure 0.3-0.7Mpa Power

AC380V, 50HZ
The three-phase and five-wire system AC380V,50HZ

Model Overall Size L×W×H(mm) Chamber Size L×W×H(mm) Steam Consumption(KG) Tap Water Consumption(KG) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG)
WG-0.25 1100×1350×1900 800×600×600 18KG 35KG 2+24KW 900KG
WG-0.36 1300×1350×1900 1000×600×600 25KG 40KG 2+24KW 1000KG
WG-0.6 1500×1360×1950 1200×610×910 30KG 45KG 3+36KW 1400KG
WG-0.8 1800×1360×1950 1500×610×910 40KG 50KG 3KW 1600KG
WG-1.2 1750×1440×1950 1450×680×1180 48KG 55KG 4KW 1800KG
WG-1.5 2150×1440×1950 1850×680×1180 55KG 60KG 4KW 2000KG
WG-2.0 1950×1750×2200 1600×900×1400 65KG 65KG 4.5KW 2500KG
WG-2.5 2300×1750×2200 1950×900×1400 75KG 75KG 6KW 3000KG
WG-3.0 2700×1750×2200 2400×900×1400 90KG 90KG 8KW 3500KG

Note: 2436 represent the power of the built-in steam generator (optional)