FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System

PVC Anesthesia Mask with upright check valve

Intend Use:

  • This product is suitable for connecting anesthesia/breathing circuit or other applications involving oxygen treatment.


  • The mask is made of latex free medical grade PVC material.
  • Meets the standard of ISO10993 for Biological evaluation of medical devices.
  • Transparent mask shell facilitates observation of vomit, blood stains and spontaneous breathing of the patient.
  • The mask air cushion fits the patient’s face and provides good sealing .
  • The mask is a one-time use that reduces the risk of cross-contamination; single patient use is safe and reliable.
  • The masks (except for infant/neonatal size) come with hooking ring for elastic strap fastening, it can be easily removed if not needed.
  • The mask connector is in standard size 22/15mm in accordance with ISO5356-1 standard.
  • This product complies with the EU MDD/93/42/EEC directive.
  • All parts are latex-free.
  • Air cushion can be inflated / deflated by syringe through the  upright positioned valved.


There’s seven sizes option for the mask. The 2-6# are conventionally equipped with a colored hooking ring. The 0 and 1# colored hooking ring are optional according to customer’s requirements.

Item specification Intend for Joint size
YB631000 PVC anesthesia mask – 0# Neonate 15mm
YB630001 PVC anesthesia mask – 1# Infant 15mm
YB630002 PVC anesthesia mask – 2# Pediatric 22mm
YB630003 PVC Anesthesia Mask – 3# Adult-S 22mm
YB630004 PVC anesthesia mask – 4# Adult-M 22mm
YB631005 PVC anesthesia mask – 5# Adult-L 22mm
YB631006 PVC anesthesia mask – 6# Adult-XL 22mm