FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


  • Intended Use
    The PVC resuscitator (Green or Blue color) is disposable and intended for pulmonary resuscitation.
    Item No.:
    YB-PMR-A: for adults and children.
    YB-PMR-C: for children and infants.
    YB-PMR-N: for infants and neonates.
  • Features
    Due to being disposable, it can eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. Any cleaning, disinfecting or sterilizing is not necessary for it. It is equipped with a pressure limitation valve for patient’s safety.
    Its textured surface ensures a firm grip and providing effective ventilation. Patient connector is 22/15 mm(ISO5356-1). The resuscitator bag is made from PVC which is fully disposable and 100% latex free.
    The PVC resuscitator conforms to the standard: ISO 10651-4:2002; and it also conforms to Council Directive MDD/93/42/EEC concerning Medical Devices.
  • Accessories(optional):
    PVC face mask(1pc), oxygen tube(1pc), reservior bag(1pc)
  • Package(optional):
    PP box or PVC bag or paper box or Poly bag