Rotary Tube Furnace

YBOTECH Rotary tube furnace is composed of a heating system, an automatic rotary mechanism kit and a furnace body tilting mechanism. The furnace tube can be rotated 360°, the speed can be adjusted, and the temperature field is uniform. Furnace body can be tilted 15°, making it easy to enter and exit materials.

gradeFurnace Shell
  1. The shell is made of metal Q235 low-carbon steel, and the surface is electrostatically resistant and resistant to corrosion.
  2. The solid double-layer metal frame is combined with the heat-insulating fan structure, and the furnace surface temperature is low.
  3. Horizontal use mode, upper opening structure, easy to operate.
gradeRefractory Material

Multi-layer insulation design, composed of lightweight alumina ceramic fiber and high-quality insulation board backing, does not contain asbestos components, low heat loss and low energy consumption

gradeHeating System
  1. High-quality HRE spiral resistance wire heating element is safely and firmly embedded on the inner surface of the furnace, thermal radiation heating in the furnace cavity, which is energy-saving and efficient, long service life.
  2. Ring heating by resistance wire to achieve good uniformity in the furnace.
gradeTemperature Control Panel
  1. Advanced controllers that meet complex process requirements.
  2. Programmable 30 program segments to realize automatic curve temperature control.
  3. Over temperature and fault alarm, automatic safety protection.
gradeRotary System
  1. The furnace tube adopts a gear transmission electric drive structure to rotate 360°, 12-20 rpm rotating speed, and the material is heated evenly in the furnace tube.
  2. The furnace body can be tilted by electric drive, the tilt angle can be adjusted, and the material can enter and exit more smoothly.
  3. With 304 stainless steel sealing flange, to obtain vacuum or atmosphere environment in the furnace tube.
  4. High-quality quartz tubes, metal or alumina ceramic tubes can also be selected to adapt different working conditions.

Rotary Tube Furnace

Technical Specification

Model Heating zone Tube size (mm) Max temp Working temp  Voltage Power Heating element Accuracy
YBGX-40-12 440 Φ40×1200 1200℃ 1100℃ 220V 2KW HRE ±1℃
YBGX-60-12 440 Φ60×1200 1200℃ 1100℃ 220V 3KW HRE ±1℃
YBGX-80-12 440 Φ80×1200 1200℃ 1100℃ 220V 4KW HRE ±1℃
YBGX-100-12 440 Φ100×1200 1200℃ 1100℃ 220V 4KW HRE ±1℃
YBGX-120-12 600 Φ120×1200 1200℃ 1100℃ 220V 7KW HRE ±1℃
YBGX-150-12 600 Φ150×1200 1200℃ 1100℃ 380V 8KW HRE ±1℃
YBGX-60-14 300 Φ60×1000 1400℃ 1350℃ 220V 3KW SIC ±1℃
YBGX-80-14 300 Φ80×1000 1400℃ 1350℃ 220V 4KW SIC ±1℃
YBGX-60-17 300 Φ60×1000 1700℃ 1600℃ 220V 4KW MoSi2 ±1℃
YBGX-80-17 300 Φ80×1000 1700℃ 1600℃ 220V 5KW MoSi2 ±1℃

Rotary Tube Furnace


1. Furnace body 1 set
2. Temperature controller 1
3. Power cord 3 meters 1
4. Thermocouple 1
5. Instruction manual 1
6. Crucible pliers 1
7. High temperature gloves 1 pair

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