Full Auto Electrolyte Analyzer
Full Auto HbA1c Analyzer

Semi Auto Electrolyte Analyzer

Long-life Electrode

  • The non-lead assembled ion selective electrode is made from the imported material,Audicom applies silver chloride inner electrode,avoid the risk of early failure.
  • The special full sealing technology is used for all electrodes, For this purpose, the leakage of electrode (especially for the reference electrode easily leaked) can disappear, the reliability and service life can increase and the maintenance of electrode can be done automatically by instrument.
  • Advanced and Unique Flow Circuit Design

  • Audicom electrolyte analyzer applies the full electromagnetic valve to control flow-circuit, the electromagnetic valve manufactured in standardization instead of rotation flow-circuit distribution valve to control flow-circuit, reduce instrument failure rate.
  • It is designed TCO2 and ISE adopt the same channel and make the test respectively one after another instead of applying the flow-circuit with two independent channels including CO2 and ion analysis, for this reason, flow-circuit is simple, required volume of sample decreases and reliability increases. The optimizing clearing procedure minimizes the cross pollution rate to the low level.
  • Independent and Convenient Sampler System

  • It applies the mode with built-in automatic sampler unit and external independent rotating sample turntable, it is unnecessary for the user to change the original sampler pipeline so as to realize fully-automatic sampling in purchase.
  • It built-in automatic sampler unit and the external rotating sample turntable are driven directly by step motors instead of gear belt transmission. The structure is simplified and rational and failure rate is low.
  • Friendly Interface

  • It applies LCD liquid crystal display, English interface, YES/NO digital key combination, It is simple for this optimum operation mode and hierarchical menu control to operate. Each of operators can grasp the operation method rapidly under English leading shown in Instruction Manual.
  • Reagent Matching (ISE)

  • The reagent kit of AC9900 electrolyte analyzer consist of A calibration reagent, B standard reagent, R reaction reagent and C calibration reagent.
  • Techinical Specification

    Model AC9701 (3 parameters) AC9301 (3 parameters)
    Measuring item K, Na, Cl K, Na, Cl
      Ca, pH  
    Calculating item nCa, TCa -
    Sampler method Manual
    Measuring time 25s 25s
    Full time 40s 40s
    Sample size 100 ul 100 ul
    Data storage 10000
    Communication interface 232 interface
    Display 240x64LCD Liquid crystal display, backlight
    Printer 58mm thermal printer
    Automatic sampler system  
    Air bubble test Yes
    Alarm for waste liquid overflow Yes
    Alarm for standard liquid level Yes
    Standard liquid level indicator lamp Yes
    Sample liquid level indicator lamp Yes
    Power supply AC220V ± 22V or AC110V ± 11V     50Hz ~ 60Hz    50W
    Product size 408mm x 390mm x 230mm
    Product weight 6kg
    Measuring method ISE, TCO2 adopts pressure-measuring method.
    Working condition Temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃   Relative humidity≤85%

    Measurement parameters specifications

    Model Measuring item Measuring scope Resolving power Precision
    AC9701 AC9301 K 0.50 ~15.00 0.01 CV≤1.0%
    Na 30.0 ~200.0 0.1 CV≤1.0%
    Cl 30.0 ~200.0 0.1 CV≤1.0%
    Ca 0.10 ~5.00 0.01 CV≤1.0%
    pH 4.00 ~9.00 0.01 CV≤1.0%
    TCO2 4.00 ~70.0 0.1 CV≤3.0%