High Efficient and Constant LED Light Source

  • Adopted with environmentally-friendly and energy-saving illumination technology, the lifespan of lamps can reach as Long as 50000 h, which is equivalent to 6 years’ continuous illumination.

Excellent and efficient optical design

  • Computer aided design technology is adopted to control the three-dimensional installation angle of each lens to make the spot more rounded.
  • A small angle efficient lens is used to make the spot higher and the light more concentrated.

Unique Design for Optical Components Structure

  • Integrated by molding-making,it is with compact and delicate lens installation plate.
  • The use of integrated Aluminum sheet as the light source panel,largely reduces the fly wires,making the structure more compact,ensuring the stable performance,good heat-dissipaton function and longer lifespan lifespan simultaneously

Uniform Light-spot Control

  • Achieving uniform adjustment of light spot diameter with the central focusing device

Easy control of color temperature and luminance

  • High color rendering index, 1-100 stage adjustable for both color temperature and luminance.
  • Innovative knob operation, flexible and easy to operate, no light head drift.

High-Definition Camera System

  • Both built-in and external high definition camera system optional, makes the tele-consultation and remote-teaching possible.
  • The adjustable high-frequency pulse width technique has absolutely eliminated the screen flash.

Endoscope Lighting mode

  • Only the spots of central circle will illuminate in endoscope lighting mode, which supply more mild and humanized illumination for endoscope operation.



Model YBSL-500D YBSL-700D
Voltage AC110-240V 50/60HZ AC110-240V 50/60HZ
Spot diameter 120-250mm 120-250mm
Luminance 40000-160000Lux 40000-160000Lux
Color Temperature 4000-5000k 4000-5000k
Color Indication Index 85% – 95% 85% – 90%
Illumination depth ≥1000mm ≥1000mm
Brightness Adjustable Range  1%-100%  1%-100%
LED Average Life ≥50000h
LED COB Module 48 pieces 80 pieces
LED Power 1W/3W 1W/3W